Data Engineering And Architecture

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Over time, even the best technology companies can run into trouble with inconsistent data that have been accumulated across different engineering processes, systems and teams.

We help clients regain control of their data by working with them to rebuild data infrastructure and data best practices that scale.


We work closely with our clients’ technical teams to help mentor and train them on data engineering and data science best practices.



Become The Destination

Data Sprint Solutions configure, and build customer experience platforms that integrate with your legacy systems to unlock the new value. Develop more powerful insights. Understand customers and their journeys. Plan campaigns that engage and convert buyers. Enable attribution, profiling, and segmentation across their journeys, leverage data, and deliver experiences that matter in the moment. When the business world buys everything as a service, extensible digital platforms enable continuous growth. Strategies, digital platforms, experiences, insights, and other end-to-end services from Data Sprints enable you to build SaaS products and evolve their underlying platforms to meet demand.

Transform Enterprise Data To Derive Value And Actionable Insights

For an enterprise, data holds the key to unlock newer possibilities. Accumulation of data is a continuous cycle and organizations require the right technology partners to help them process their data. The goal is to optimize, organize and transform data, to be further used to assist business.

Our Data Engineering solutions empower you to achieve data goals, monitor operations, and deliver when it is crucial for your business. It enables data ingestion from multiple and disparate data sources, create enterprise data strategy and architecture roadmap, undertake cloud data lake creation & configuration, and deliver robust end to end advanced data pipelines on AWS and Azure. Our data storage solutions include data lake, data warehouse and data marts, and ETL pipelines including, Batch ETL, Streaming ETL.

Our Offerings

Data Processing Solutions

  • Advanced ML Data Pipelines
  • Batch and Stream Data Processing Solutions
  • ETL and ELT Services
  • Cloud Data Pipeline Architecture
  • Cloud Data Pipeline Implementation

Data Storage Solutions

  • Cloud Data Storage Advisory
  • Data Storage Architecture
  • AWS Data Solutions
  • Azure Data Solutions
  • Cloud Data Lake Implementation
  • Cloud Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Managed Cloud Data Storage Solutions

Data Governance Solutions

  • Data Governance Strategy
  • Enterprise Data Governance Solutions
  • AWS Data Governance
  • Azure Data Governance
  • Master Data Governance
  • Data Security and Controls